Friday, May 28, 2010

Books Beer and ....No more books

Check out the post below from my time at Seattle Mystery Books. You have to love a local mystery bookstore and Fran and JB always treat me right.

From there I made it down to The Tin Room in Burien, David Sloane (and my) favorite hangout. Great party and a lot of fun. Thanks to Page 2 Books for supplying the books and to the many that came out. Dan House knows how to through a party and bring in the dignitaries. Great to talk to Mayor Joan and to meet Tin Room-Florida-Reg. Thanks to Marjorie and all the members of the bookclub for coming out as well. Sorry we ran out of the backlist - Jury Master and Wrongful Death. Normally I'd say you don't have to read before Bodily Harm but given the surprises in Bodily Harm, it has more punch if you read JM and WD first.

It's the Fort Lewis PX today!



The Best Mystery Bookstore for Bodily Harm? - Seattle

The Best Mystery Bookstore for Bodily Harm? - Seattle

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And We're Off

With the launch of Bodily Harm last night in my hometown of Kirkland Washington I'm off on the latest book tour. Eleven cities in the next 25 or so days around the country. If last night is any indication, we sold out of books, it should be a grand time. A friend asked me to blog the experience so here I sit, doing so. The adrenaline always begins to pump when you hear the bookstore owner beginning your introduction and of course, you feel like George Costanza from Seinfeld and think maybe it best to just leave after the introduction because you can't go anywhere from there but down. But it all seems to work out in the end and its a chance to see and talk to fans and friends you never thought you'd meet in life. Next stop Seattle Mystery Books tomorrow at noon. Great store, great people. Looking forward to it.