Thursday, October 2, 2014

When Free is Not Free

So I wrote a short story prequel to My Sister's Grave called The Academy.  Before you read the rest of this post go to Amazon and pull it up. You will see that it says, "A Short Story."  You will see where it says approximately 44 pages. You will see where it says $0.00

Now scroll down and read the 4 1 star reviews. I guarantee you will laugh.

Really? Can  you issue a "Buyer Beware" that the book is short when the book is free?

How can you be disappointed the book was a "short story" when it says, "A short story" and estimates the page length?

I'm flattered people wanted to read more of the story but sheesh!


C. Connelly said...

Haha! Some people are just ungrateful. Thank you for the free prequel. I thoroughly enjoyed the additional insight into Tracy Crosswhite's character.

Call me frugal (it was the way I was raised) but I'm not one for paying $0.99 for a short story. Thus, I truly appreciate it when an author offers anything for free.

I'm always on the lookout for new authors to add to my rotation of authors who never disappoint, whether it's the first or tenth read. "My Sister's Grave" was a great first look at Tracy Crosswhite. I hope there will be more novels with her and certainly further insight into her character, as seen in "The Academy."

Marie Walton said...

Well, I enjoyed reading The Academy. In fact, I would really like to see Jenny Almond show up again. She said she wanted to take her father's job some day, so let's see her as a successful sheriff in her small town. She and Tracy could collaborate on a case.

I really enjoyed My Sister's Grave and hope to see more of Tracy Crosswhite in the hear future.