Friday, August 8, 2014

Russia, Putin, and the new Cold War

Okay, I won't do a lot of politics on this blog, but I got into a discussion the other day with someone who took offense that I called Putin a classic sociopath and said in my humble opinion he was a bigger threat to our future than global warming. My evidence was men have been responsible for the deaths of literally hundreds of millions of people when you add up all the wars and all the persecutions. When I saw this article I couldn't help but think Putin is ever so slowly tightening the noose on his country to the detriment of his people. His ban on imports is a further illustration. From what I've read it will hurt Russian citizens far more than help Putin in his battle with the US and European Union, but Putin doesn't care about the Russian people. He cares about his power. We can only hope the Russian people rise up against him, and sooner rather than later.

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